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Our Anti-Bribery service works with an experienced team advising clients across the world in relation to local and cross border bribery, money laundering issues, and related internal investigations

Close Security & Protection

No matter where you are in the world or how demanding your needs, ITUS are the company that protects your interests. Our teams can be operational anywhere across the globe at short notice. We have experience of protecting PEPs (politically exposed person), dignitaries and executives while outside their home country.

Crisis Management

This Service is aimed at: High Net Worth individuals, Celebrities, Foreign Dignitaries, Royal Families.

ITUS operates a rapid response team of agents throughout the UK who are specialists in recording and reporting evidence.

Evidence Gathering

This service is used for gathering information and evidence for use in a range of areas where detailed, comprehensive reporting is of paramount importance. Our team of skilled agents are regularly engaged by law firms, government bodies and private individuals to obtain the evidence that is needed to support court proceedings.

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting Service operates as a partnership of accounting and auditing

knowledge with investigative skills that have been gained from years of practical experience.

Insolvency Support

Whether it's an individual going bankrupt, or a business going through administration or liquidation, our in-depth investigations span the globe, we'll put our discreet experts to work to make sure you discover hidden assets and maximise recovery for the creditors.

Investor Support

This service is aimed at any individual or company that is considering a substantial investment with a person or company that is not intimately known to them. By using our this service, you will fully understand the people you are dealing with, the company they are operating through, previous companies the individuals have been associated with and other individuals that have been involved with the company.

IT Forensics & Cyber Intelligence

IT Forensic services is becoming ever more complex and now essential to every business. ITUS has responded to our clients demands by increasing our service offering and capabilities with a new IT Lab based in the UK.


We have 3 levels of surveillance:

1. Static – One person in a car/van recording access and people to an address.

2. Travelling – We have teams Who can follow people in cars, on public transport and continues on flights. Their teams vary from 3 to 7 people on each case.

3. Counter – Our top level team is experienced in surveillance on individuals and countries that use counter-surveillance teams to protect them.

Divorce Discovery

This service is aimed at any individual contemplating, or going through Divorce or separation proceedings, that wishes to understand in depth information on their spouse including their assets, business dealings, property and relationships.

Asset Discovery

If you or your company has lost significant funds due to fraud, theft, false claims, etc. ITUS can identify the criminal gain; provide a report listing the value of realisable assets of the target. We work with partners worldwide to gain access to these assets and repatriate them to the rightful owner.

Covert Undercover Operations

At ITUS we have fully trained operational teams of Agents in over 130 Countries. Their experience includes infiltrating organisations at the operational level and gaining intelligence when in situ. This intelligence allows our client to make informed business decisions regarding outside influencers.

Due Diligence

Fully understand the people you are dealing with, the company they are operating through, previous companies and individuals they have been associated with. You will understand their financial standings and if any individuals with a less than perfect record are participating either directly or indirectly. You will be informed on compliance with UK Anti Bribery and US Foreign Corrupt Practices (FCPA) Act legislation; thereby protecting your organisation from fines and your Directors from extradition and criminal proceedings.

Executive Vetting

For this service we provide 2 levels of report Intermediate and Enhanced. Higher level of Investigative Report is available for Director level employees and this is quoted on a case by case basis.

Fraud Malfeasance

Through our international network we understand Fraud/Malfeasance offences. We tailor our service to fit your needs and budget. We’ll interview witnesses, set up surveillance operations but will always remain discreet in the background. We always supply clients with a fixed fee quote and a detailed report of our findings.

International Cross-Broder

At ITUS, our resources and experiences enable us to anticipate and respond to many demands created by cross border Multi Jurisdiction investigations from around the world. Our knowledge allows us to conduct fact-finding and analyse connections with some of the most complex cross-border investigations in virtually every country in which our clients conduct business.

Process Serving

If you need a professional, reliable and efficient Process Server in the UK or beyond, our team of experienced process servers will ensure your documents are personally served within days of your instruction.

Trace Locate, Missing Persons

Tracing a missing person on your own can be a stressful and impossible task. At ITUS, we have a highly experienced team of private detectives with the skills and expertise to help with the search of a missing person, with all the up to date tools available to the modern investigation.

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With agents in over 130 countries, we deliver discovery, on time and to budget.

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