Fee Structure

Each of our assignments are individual and have their own challenges. We operate in most cases on a fixed fee basis, while providing a timescale to completion. We gather information from our clients and do some initial research to establish if we can assist. We then prepare a formal quotation. If this is accepted we send a letter of engagement and schedule of works, with terms of business and initial invoice. We commence work on receipt of funds.

Hourly Fee rates  

Researcher -                                                 £125

Investigator -                                                £175

Forensic Accountant -                                 £200

Forensic IT Specialist -                               £200

Project Manager -                                       £230

Senior Investigator -                                   £220

Senior Forensic Accountant -                    £250

Senior IT Forensic Specialist -                  £250

Director/Partner                                         £300

Expenses, Subsistence and Disbursements

All are charged at cost.

Mileage at 90p per mile

Terms of Business

Assignments are undertaken on a split fee basis. 50% on instruction and 50% on delivery. Assignments in Asia and some European Countries require all fees to be paid on account.

All invoices are strictly 14 days Nett.

A full copy of our terms of business can be found at www.itus.uk



We do not undertake assignments on a Contingent Fee Agreement (CFA).